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Obagi Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Matte

Broad-spectrum sunscreen provides UVA/UVB protection in a non-greasy, PABA-free, and fragrance-free formula that applies completely sheer in an elegant matte finish.

Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer

Obagi Hydrate provides all-day moisture protection and is suitable for all skin types. Contains Hydromanil, a multi-agent derived from tara seed, known to gradually deliver moisture to the skin. Also includes shea butter, mango butter, avocado, and glycerin to combat skin dryness.

DCL Multi-Action Penta Peel Pads

Delivers gentle skin exfoliants to resurface, smooth and brighten,  while unclogging pores and evening skintone. Safe for all skin types.

Obagi Hydrate Luxe Moisture-Rich Cream

Specifically engineered with key biomimetic peptides, this ultra-rich moisturizer provides overnight, extra-strength moisturization and has a luxurious, balm-like texture and comforting scent.

Medspa1064 Intensive Antioxidant Serum

A light weight serum containg a concentrated dose of copper to help diminish fine lines and blotchiness. Also promotes firmness.

SilkShade Tinted Anti-Oxidant Facial Sunscreen SPF 30

Anti-oxidant sunscreen, contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.  Silcone base gives it a silky application.

Silkshade Clear Sunscreen SPF 30

Sunscreen, contains titanium dioxide, octinoxate and zinc oxide. Silcone base gives it a silky application.

SilkBronze SPF 25

Sunscreen, contains octinoxate and zinc oxide.  Silcone base gives it a silky application. This SPF 25 sunscreen is great for adding a bronze color to your skin.

Medspa1064 Daily Clearing Pads

Powerful hydroxy acids in a convenient pad form.  Apply to cleansed skin daily to keep skin clear of breakouts and clogged pores.


A cleanser with fine exfoliants to polish the skin and ingredients to improve moisture retention.