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Medspa1064 Emunition E2 Serum

A serum made of 94% Emu oil and 10% Vitamin E that is excellent as a moisturizer or healing treatment for mild burns, cuts, sores, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, Rosacea, Pre and post laser resurfacing, surgical scars, and face lifts. Maintains hydration levels, accelerates healing, and keeps scabs and blisters from forming. Minimizes the effects of scarring. For all skin types especially dry skin types. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic.

Medspa1064 Retinol 50

A silky, highly concentrated Retinol formulation equal to prescription strength Retinol, but,  without the drying effects often associated. Use every other night or as directed.

This product must be purchased in person.
Medspa1064 Weekly Brightening Pads

Brighten skin overnight! Medspa1064's unique Signature Brightening Pads will brighten dull, lackluster skin by lightening the hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage or acne. Easy to use, 60 applications.

Product available for in store purchase only.
Medspa1064 Signature Cream

Retexturize rough, aged skin safely with the first ever TCA based cream.  The power of an intense retexturizing peel in the convenience of a nightly cream will keep your skin smooth and radiant.  Comes with a free Intensive Recovery Complex sample.

Due to the product strength and formulation, this product is available for purchase only at Medspa1064.

Clients must purchase this product in person.
Medspa1064 HydraSmooth Cream

A multi purpose moisturizer for all skin types.  Hyaluronic Acid absorbs into the lower level of the skin adding hydration and firmness. Use before and after treaments for optimal hydration. 

Medspa1064 Intensive Hydrating Cream

Intensive Hydrating Cream is for those who are challenged by consistantly dry skin and need more than a typical moisturizer. Excellent for dryness associated with procedures.  

DCL Express Makeup Remover

Cleanse, clarify and beautify your complexion all at once with the DCL Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Express Waterless Makeup Remover. Designed as a one-step moisturizing cleanser, this lightweight gel sloughs away impurities, makeup and debris without stripping your skin of moisture. An infusion of hydrating botanicals feed your skin with antioxidants and nutrients, promoting your skin's overall health.

Delivering and sealing in moisture is hydrating hyaluronic acid while an innovative algae complex further reinforces your skin's moisture barrier. This fortifying algae complex also works to ease inflammation and thoroughly soothe your skin. Green tea extract helps to repel ravaging free radicals and a nourishing blend of chamomile and aloe calm skin sensitivities. It's a remarkable skin care catchall.

Medspa1064 Restorative Eye Cream

An ultra-hydrating cream that improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, while adding moisture to the delicate eye area. This multitasking cream also addresses puffiness & dark circles.  Apply a thin film to orbital area 1-2 times daily.

Medspa1064 HydraSmooth Eye Gel

A cooling gel that reduces the appearance of under-eye puffiness, minimizes fine lines and dark circles.  Contains hyalauranic acid and advanced peptides that smooth and firm. Apply a thin film to orbital area 1-2 times daily.

*Can be refrigerated for added benefit to puffiness reduction

Medspa1064 E2 Lipid Cream

This unique moisturizer contains Emu oil and Vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin. A superior skin protectant with deep penetrating benefits that also soothes and protects minor scrapes, chafed skin, and chapped lips. Greaseless. Excellent for use with make-up and as an after-shave lubricant. Recommended for Oily and Acneic skin types, but can be used by any skin type.