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B-Kleer Antiseptic Acne Wash

A unique non-drying acne cleanser that eliminates bacteria on contact.  Enhanced with skin conditioners and healing agents to moisturize the skin leaving it smooth and soft.


Obagi Clenziderm Daily Foaming Cleanser

Obagi Clenziderm is the first step to clear, radiant skin.  A 2% salicylic acid formulation removes the dirt and excess oil that contribute to blackheads and breakouts. Leaves your skin smooth, clean, and refreshed.

Clarisonic Brush Heads

Clarisonic Brush Heads - Qty: 1

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Medspa1064 Gentle Foaming Wash

100% Soap-free cleanser that removes surface dirt and oils while simultaneously helping calm redness.  This cleanser contains gentle surfactants and soothing agents suitable for redness-prone and sensitive skin.


A cleanser with fine exfoliants to polish the skin and ingredients to improve moisture retention. 

Medspa1064 Gly-Clean Cleanser

Gly-Clean Cleanser is an AlphaHydroxy Acid based cleanser. This is a multipurpose product that can be used as a traditional gel for cleansing, and as a chemical exfoliant when used as a pre-cleanse treatment. This product is best for normal, oily, and breakout prone skin. Should be avoided by sensitive and/or rosacea prone skin types.


DCL Express Makeup Remover

Cleanse, clarify and beautify your complexion all at once with the DCL Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Express Waterless Makeup Remover. Designed as a one-step moisturizing cleanser, this lightweight gel sloughs away impurities, makeup and debris without stripping your skin of moisture. An infusion of hydrating botanicals feed your skin with antioxidants and nutrients, promoting your skin's overall health.

Delivering and sealing in moisture is hydrating hyaluronic acid while an innovative algae complex further reinforces your skin's moisture barrier. This fortifying algae complex also works to ease inflammation and thoroughly soothe your skin. Green tea extract helps to repel ravaging free radicals and a nourishing blend of chamomile and aloe calm skin sensitivities. It's a remarkable skin care catchall.