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Obagi Clenziderm Pore Therapy

Obagi Clenziderm Pore Therapy is your second step to clear, beautiful skin.  Using a 2% salicylic acid formulation, Pore Therapy effectively unclogs pores and keeps skin clear of acne causing bacteria.

Neova DNA Damage Control/SPF 43

DNA damage control. For the face. SPF 43.

Medspa1064 Emunition E2 Serum

A serum made of 94% Emu oil and 10% Vitamin E that is excellent as a moisturizer or healing treatment for mild burns, cuts, sores, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, Rosacea, Pre and post laser resurfacing, surgical scars, and face lifts. Maintains hydration levels, accelerates healing, and keeps scabs and blisters from forming. Minimizes the effects of scarring. For all skin types especially dry skin types. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic.

Medspa1064 Calming Gel

A soothing treatment intended for individuals with mild chronic skin redness, flaking, and breakouts accompanied associated with dermatologic conditions like seborrheic dermatitis or Rosacea.

Medspa1064 Retinol 50

A silky, highly concentrated Retinol formulation equal to prescription strength Retinol, but,  without the drying effects often associated. Use every other night or as directed.

This product must be purchased in person.
Obagi Clenziderm Therapeutic Lotion

Obagi Clenziderm Therapeutic Lotion contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide specially formulated to penetrate deep inside the pore, clearing acne quickly while minimizing dryness.

B-Kleer Antiseptic Acne Wash

A unique non-drying acne cleanser that eliminates bacteria on contact.  Enhanced with skin conditioners and healing agents to moisturize the skin leaving it smooth and soft.


Medspa1064 Weekly Brightening Pads

Brighten skin overnight! Medspa1064's unique Signature Brightening Pads will brighten dull, lackluster skin by lightening the hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage or acne. Easy to use, 60 applications.

Product available for in store purchase only.
Medspa1064 Signature Cream

Retexturize rough, aged skin safely with the first ever TCA based cream.  The power of an intense retexturizing peel in the convenience of a nightly cream will keep your skin smooth and radiant.  Comes with a free Intensive Recovery Complex sample.

Due to the product strength and formulation, this product is available for purchase only at Medspa1064.

Clients must purchase this product in person.
Medspa1064 Intensive Antioxidant Serum

A light weight serum containg a concentrated dose of copper to help diminish fine lines and blotchiness. Also promotes firmness.