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Mineral Makeup

At Medspa1064, we offer customized mineral makeup blended to your skin tone.  Our mineral makeup contains natural and gentle non-comedogenic ingredients such as zinc and titanium dioxide which are well known sun protectors.  These ingredients are soothing to sensitive and acneic skin and do not irritate or cause acne. It is so gentle that we use it after peels, laser treatments, and cosmetic injections. Since, it also contains zinc and titanium dioxide our makeup offers natural UVA and UVB protection which is a nice addition to your daily sunscreen regimen. 
Our mineral makeup looks amazing!!  It goes on so light that even when applied to cover breakouts or wrinkles, the coverage still looks natural.  Our line of mineral makeup consists of foundations, blushes, enhancers and rice powders to control oil.

Our mineral makeup radiates on the skin, looks healthy, and doesn't enhance wrinkles like other types of makeup!  If you are interested in seeing what our mineral makeup line can do for your skin, please call us today for more information: 860.657.1064